We've Added A Second Location - St. Catherine of Sienna Hospital

Elaine Kohler

Licensed Massage Therapist


Elaine previously worked as a Marketing Manager for an electronics company for 15 years. After having her daughter nearly 10 years ago, she needed a change. She always had an interest in holisitic treatments to improve overall health and well-being and loved to offer massages to family and friends, so she embarked on a career that is

Massage Therapy

very rewarding and truly enjoyable. Over the past seven years she has worked at several

spas and a chiropractor’s office. Now she is thrilled to be at J.P. Verdisco Exercise to offer a much needed massage after tough workouts. You don’t have to be a member of the J.P. Verdisco Exercise program to get a massage, but when you join, her great rates drop even lower:


30 minute massage - $30

60 minute massage - $50

90 minute massage - $70


Buy a package of 6 (1-hour) massages and price drops to $45!



30 minute massage - $30

60 minute massage - $60

90 minute massage - $80

*Major credit cards and no fault insurance excepted.

To Book An Appointment, Please Call: (631) 848 9105


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